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Find birth parents - Find Birth Parents Online

Find Birth Parents

Find Birth Parents Online is a leading genealogy company, offering finding services for birth parents, adopted siblings, and other birth relatives.

Our genealogists have years of experience using archival research and cutting-edge genetic matching technology to locate birth parents for clients. 

We claim to be the best in the business, but beyond that, we back up our claims with results.

The Find Birth Parents Online process begins with a genealogical DNA test, after which our experts analyze your test results and do our amazing detective work to positively identify the biological relative you're looking for.

Our company was created to make it as simple and accurate as possible for any adopted child to locate his or her biological parents. It's never easy, as we all know. And finding your birth parents is a wonderful feeling in the end. So, get in touch with us and allow us to assist you.
Find biological father - Find Birth Parents Online
Find biological father - Find Birth Parents Online
Find biological father - Find Birth Parents Online

Find Your Biological Father

If you are an adoptee looking for your biological father, we can help you. Our team of highly skilled professional genealogists at Find Birth Parents Online have successfully located and identified biological dads for our clients. 

In scenarios where the biological father in question is no longer living, we often can still make a positive paternity identification based on triangulating genetic data and other findings.

Genealogical DNA Testing

While archival research can sometimes play an important role in finding biological parents, we don't rely solely on musty records records. 

For establishing paternity and discovering the identity of your dad, we use genetic matching.

Even if you don't know who your father is and are unable to have him tested, we can often still locate him by comparing your DNA findings to the results of other tests in our database. When it comes to evaluating DNA test results, our genealogists are the best in the business.

If you work with us, all you have to do is have your DNA tested, using the AncestryDNA test. 

We prefer Ancestry because they have the largest database—at least 18 million—and the most advanced and user-friendly tools for sorting, identifying, and studying your matches.

After receiving your test results, we'll give you a call to go over the results and the next steps. 
Ask Your Adoptive Family

The nature of your adoption—closed adoption or open adoption—will influence how easy or difficult finding your dad is.

Asking your adoptive parents or members of your extended family (especially older relatives) is the easiest way to get a lead on your birth dad's identity. 

Obtain Adoption Records and Original Birth Certificate

Get any adoption records (identifying or non-identifying) as well as your original birth certificate. Usually you can get these from your local registries or the adoption agency.

Non-identifying information includes a general description of birth parents, including age, educational attainment, racial, ethnic, and religious background, as well as the adoptee's given first name at birth, age and sex of the adoptee's siblings, adoptee's enrollment and performance in school, educational testing results, and special education needs, among other things.

Identifying information, includes the names and addresses of your birth parents and siblings.

Every state has different rules for obtaining this type of information, so bear that in mind when applying. You must be an adult first (18 years or 21 years, depending on the state you were born in) for to request adoption records.

Search Online

If you have your dad's name or other identifying information, you can search him on Google, Facebook, or other online platforms. 

Find Your Biological Mother

Finding your biological mother isn’t an easy task. It takes a lot of courage to find the person who has placed you for adoption. 

You may wonder whether your birth mom will accept or reject you.  You're also wondering why she placed you for adoption, what she'll think of you now, and many other questions.

You can try to find your birth mother in a variety of ways, from doing it on your own to hiring a professional. Aside from asking your adoptive parents, looking through DNA records, and doing research online, there are a few other options for finding your biological parents:

Search and Reunion Registries

If you are at the legal age of 18 or 21, depending on the State in which the adoption occurred, you can find and connect with your biological mother and father through search and reunion registries. These are basically websites and organizations that match participating birth parents with their biological children. 
Find birth mother - Find Birth Parents Online
Find birth mother
Hire a Professional Genealogist

If you're serious about discovering your birth mother, a professional genetic genealogist can help you connect with her faster.

Find Birth Parents Online has extensive expertise in locating our clients' birth moms. Our team of expert genealogists has years of expertise conducting archival research and deciphering DNA results. All we need is a DNA test from AncestryDNA.

Reunite with your Birth Mother

Do you want to reunite with your mother now that you know who she is? We can alleviate the potential awkwardness by acting as an initial liaison between you and her! 

While you may be eager to locate and reconnect with your biological mother, this may not be the case for her. Unfortunately, some mothers do not want their children to meet them, let alone reunite with them, for a variety of personal reasons.

A professional liaison can increase the likelihood of her agreeing to meet with you by assuring her of your good intentions, showing proof of genetic relatedness, and alleviating any fears or concerns she may have.
Find biological sibling  - Find Birth Parents Online

Find Your Biological Sibling

Find Birth Parents Online finds more than biological parents. We can also find your biological sibling (or half-sibling). 

If you have grown up without knowing a genetically-related brother, sister, half-brother, or half-sister, Find Birth Parents Online can help you identify and locate them.

Connecting with a long-lost sibling is fun. You get to find out whether he or she looks like you, what your shared interests are, and how you would get along. 

It's an unrivaled feeling to have a sibling who will always be there for you.

Whether you were adopted, or your sibling was adopted—or both of you were—you've grown up without one another and now it's time to end the separation.
Access adoption records

If you are the adopted sibling and are looking for your biological brother or sister, try to access your adoption records from the adoption agency that handled the adoption, your local vital records office, or your state court.

Search on Social Media

If you have any identifying information about your birth sibling, especially his or her name, search for him or her on social media. Try Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. You can also try a Google search, which may or may not result in useful information.

Take a DNA Test

Taking a DNA test is the best and most accurate way to locate your adopted brother or sister. 

A DNA test will provide you with not only health information about yourself, but also a list of DNA matches. Aside from your adopted sibling, these DNA matches may lead you to other biological family members you may not have known about. 

Following the DNA test, our experienced genealogists can assist you in interpreting the results and advising you on what to do next.

Find biological sibling  - Find Birth Parents Online
What is genetic genealogy - Find Birth Parents Online

What is Genetic Genealogy?

Genetic genealogy, or genetic ancestry testing, is an advanced technique for determining relationships between individuals by using DNA testing together with traditional genealogical research.

Whereas traditional genealogy relies on searching documents and records (be it adoption, birth, marriage, death, and more), genetic genealogy also examines genetic variations and finds matches between two or more people.

At Find Birth Parents Online, we use genetic genealogy to help you our clients find your birth parents, biological mother, birth father, adopted sibling, and other birth relatives. We are firm believers in combining science and history to have a high success rate in our genetic genealogy services.
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Find Birth Parents Online is a leading genetic genealogy company offering services for finding birth parents and other family members: birth mothers, biological fathers, biological siblings, cousins, or whomever you need to track down!
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