Which DNA Test is Best, 23andMe or Ancestry?

At-home DNA tests is guaranteed to show you why genes set the stage for your physical condition, nutritional profile, and disease risk. DNA test kits can provide a profile of your lineage, including specifics about the countries and places your distant ancestors migrated from.

You’ll be surprised how a single saliva sample or cheek swab illuminates so much about your genetic ancestry, biological relations, and biological markers of health, all from our DNA.
An at home DNA test kit can also assist you to find your biological parents, discover relatives, and expand your family tree.
At-Home DNA Testing - Find Birth Parents Online
DNA Testing for Genealogy - Find Birth Parents Online

AncestryDNA at Home Test

The Ancestry.com database includes around 20,000,000 people, providing you the largest potential surface area for identifying genetic matches and tracking your lineage. Ancestry.com contains about 8 million more users than 23andMe.com (which has the next-largest database).

Ancestry will provide you a breakdown of your estimated ethnicity, as well as matches to specific countries, regions, and a map of your ancestors' possible migration patterns. The software will also show you if you have any relatives that share your DNA.

Within the Ancestry user interface, you can join family connections and contact genetic matches (though there's no assurance they'll answer or even check their messages).

Ancestry is the indisputable leader for genealogy aficionados and those hoping to connect with long-lost biological relatives. 

Because the Ancestry DNA test does not provide precise health information, it isn't the greatest option for those interested in learning about their own genetic predispositions and health biomarkers.

23andMe DNA Testing

23andMe, in contrast to Ancestry, is great in the area of health testing. 23andMe does give some information about your ancestors, making it a terrific choice for those looking for the best of both worlds.

The report includes predispositions to certain ailments and conditions. Parkinson's, Type 2 diabetes, celiac disease, and other hereditary predispositions are being investigated.

The biological report from 23andMe includes insights such as whether you're a deep sleeper, how much you're likely to move while sleeping, your hereditary weight, and other fascinating statistics.
23andMe at-home DNA Testing - Find Birth Parents Online

Differences Between the Two Reports

Though they have much in common, 23andMe and Ancestry are quite different tests.

Ancestry is best for genealogical research while 23andMe is best for health insights

Which one is the best? It depends on why you’re taking the test. Are you focused primarily on genetic genealogy, on finding your birth parents, or on learning about your body? Based on how you answer to that question, you can make your choice.

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