What is Genetic Genealogy?

Genetic genealogy, or genetic ancestry testing, is an advanced technique for determining relationships between individuals by using DNA testing together with traditional genealogical research.

Whereas traditional genealogy relies on searching documents and records (be it adoption, birth, marriage, death, and more), genetic genealogy also examines genetic variations and finds matches between two or more people.

At Find Birth Parents Online, we use genetic genealogy to help you our clients find your birth parents, biological mother, birth father, adopted sibling, and other birth relatives. We are firm believers in combining science and history to have a high success rate in our genetic genealogy services.
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How DNA Matches are Done

To successfully find genetic matches between individuals and their families, we use either of the following genetic genealogy tests:

• Y-DNA (Y chromosome) testing: this test is performed when a father and son want to validate their DNA. However, if a daughter wants to validate her relationship with her father (who’s absent or dead), a close male relative can suffice.

• mtDNA (Mitochondrial DNA) testing: when a son or daughter wants to confirm their relationship with their mother, this is the test to be done.

• Single nucleotide polymorphism testing (SNPs): this test evaluates a person’s entire genome where the results determine an estimated ethnic background of that person.

• Autosomal DNA testing: this test looks at 22 of the 23 chromosomal pairs that contain the majority of the hereditary information.

The Advantages of Genetic Genealogy

Genetic genealogy, more than anything else, offers you additional verification of your relationships between your father, mother, and adopted siblings. Historical records of a person aren’t enough; they have to be validated by science through DNA testing. So, when a match is made through DNA testing, this will help you to:

• Confirm previous genealogical research
• Provide more valuable information for additional genealogical research
• Discover more living relatives
• Find out where your ancestors came from
• Confirm any suspected family connections
• Reunite with your birth family and relatives

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How We Perform Genetic Genealogy

When genetic genealogy testing boomed in the early 2000s, several direct-to-consumer (DTC) companies offered DNA testing kits. It is estimated that 26 million people have undergone genetic testing globally.

Here at Find Birth Parents Online, we use the AncestryDNA® test. Ancestry has the biggest genetic genealogy database in the world, and they do not accept other DNA test results other than their own.

We do, however, upload your Ancestry test results to several other genealogical databases to ensure that you get the widest possible matching potential.

The Ancestry DNA test is easy to do at home. Simply follow the instructions on the test.
After six to eight weeks, you will get your results and send them to us.

We will do our part to analyze the results and look for other possible matches, as we also upload your results to other genetic genealogy databases such as GEDMatch, Genomelink, FamilyTreeDNA, and My Heritage.

You are guaranteed that the information you will send to us will be secured and private.

We will then keep in touch with you about the progress and will be happy to inform you of the results once it's done.

For more information about how genetic genealogy works and how to find your birth parents and other family relatives, contact Find Birth Parents Online.
Find Birth Parents Online is a leading genetic genealogy company offering services for finding birth parents and other family members: birth mothers, biological fathers, biological siblings, cousins, or whomever you need to track down!
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